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1/4 Inch CG1 Tactical Wallet Spacers (Sets of 8)

We don't offer the 1/4 inch spacers in our standard CG1 but if you need a slightly thinner wallet these are what you need.

Standard CG1 comes with 3/8 spacers and will hold up to 8 to 10 cards
1/4 Inch spacer will allow the CG1 to hold up to 4 or 5 cards.

We use blue thread locker on all CG1 Tactical Wallets, this will make the (T-8 Torx) screw slightly harder to remove but still pretty easy to replace the spacers. We recommend using a SMALL amount of BLUE thread locker when replacing the spacer this will help prevent the screws from falling out.

Our Price: $5.99